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A Singing Jubilee
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Thank You North East Park Baptist Church Seniors


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A Singing Jubilee

A Singing Jubilee
Thank you for the blessing of serving our Lord at North East Park Baptist Church!
We had such a wonderful time on Nov.16th 2013 at the singing jubilee! Thank you to the Deacons and N.E.P.B.C. for the opportunity to serve our Lord Jesus Christ! It was a great time for us to make new friends and fellowship with old friends and enjoy the goodness of our God.
Special thank you to our friends Bobby and Isaac "Friends who love the Lord will help you serve the Lord" 
                                                                                          Sing Out For Jesus
                                                                                          Eddie and Tyler Hoehn


Thank You Lord!!
We have so much to thank him for! Our salvation! for with out him we could do nothing! His Word to know Him! Our family and friends! The opportunity to do anything for him! Our Pastor and Church! Special Thank You to My Dad and Mom for giving of their time and talent to provide ministry materials and this website to help us as we strive to serve the Lord!
                                                          Truly Blessed,
                                                          Ed and Tyler Hoehn
                                                          Sing Out For Jesus!

Thank You North East Park Baptist Church Seniors

Special Thank You to North East Park Baptist Church Seniors
We are so thankful for the opportunity to worship the lord with the
seniors at North East Park Baptist Church. The Love of God was on display!
Thank You to all who came out to be a part of the fun.
Special Thanks to Maurice Caron (Pastor of Senior Adults) for the invite.
The folks at North East Park Baptist Were truly a blessing to us!
It was great to see some friends there The Mills and to make new
friends as well. And it goes with out saying that the food was outstanding!
                                                   Thank You,
                                                   The Hoehns
                                                   Sing Out For Jesus!
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